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Here since 1976.

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Here since 1976.

When Rocky won best film at the Oscars.



June 2020 – please note that our terms and conditions of trade have been updated. Click here to see our new T’s & C’s




Candida Stationery is a leading envelope manufacturer in Australasia.

Founded in Auckland in 1976, we are a privately owned family business. Almost 40 years on, we employ close to 200 staff and have branches across Australia and New Zealand.

Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality products means we are constantly investing in new technology. We are always looking for ways to improve and grow as a business

We've always been big on really listening to our customers and their unique set of needs and then providing the best possible solution for them.

We recycle everything we can and have done since 1976. Because it's the little things (like how we use motion activated lighting) combined with the big things (like how we recycle all of our waste) that can make a real difference.





We combine years of experience with new technology to produce products of the highest quality.




The Candida Story

Move your mouse over the timeline to read our story.


Klaus Girardet arrived in New Zealand from Germany with his wife Dagmar and their three daughters. Prior to his arrival, Klaus worked in the printing industry in Europe and the US. His family newspaper was the first in Germany to use a computer within the business for typesetting advertising, distribution and editorial purposes.


Klaus and Dagmar started Candida from their home (initially to produce high quality calendars). Klaus chose the name 'Candida' after the classic newspaper printing typeface. The name is derived from the Latin word 'candid' meaning white, bright and frank.


Candida began producing envelopes, and developed the Candida Metric Standardisation System (CMSS) to streamline office paperwork by using standard size envelopes.


Candida opened it’s first Australian office in Sydney.


Candida built their factory and office on a three hectare site on Constellation Drive in Mairangi Bay, Auckland.ᅠStage VII followed as Candida Office Park.

1974 1975 1976 1978 1979


Candida began manufacturing envelopes in Australia.


Candida introduced the innovative ECHO reusable envelope which became widely popular in New Zealand.


Candida expanded into Brisbane.


Candida moved to a purpose built facility in Sydney, Australia.


Candida expanded into Melbourne by purchasing a Print2mail - an existing offset printing company.


In a joint venture Candida established Southern Cross Papers, a specialist paper and packaging trading company.


Candida innovated envelope printing again with the introduction of offset quality on a high speed flexo machine.


Expanded into South Australia with the purchase of E S Wigg & Sons, an envelope manufacturer that had been operating in Australia for 150 years.

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Caring for the Environment

Here are some of the ways Candida is helping to create a more responsible environment.

Candida is an ISO 9001 accredited company. We choose suppliers who have ISO 9001:2000 levels of Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 levels of Environmental Management Systems.
Candida holds two Chain of Custody certifications for responsible paper use, PEFC™ & FSC®. This means we can trace the paper in our envelopes back to source, thus ensuring that the forests used are being managed ethically and responsibly.
More information on PEFC™ and FSC® is available at their respective websites.


We manufacture locally in Australasia, supporting the local community

We use paper with up to 100% recycled content

Candida continually looks to improve energy efficiency by optimising electrical usage in the design of equipment, buildings & infrastructure

We have 2 envelopes specifically designed to be re-used

We recycle all the plastic shrink-wrapping on our paper reels and pallets

Our recycled paper supplies are classified as Elemental Chlorine Free

All our products are recyclable.

All our papers are sourced from sustainably managed forests

We use water based inks for all flexographic printing

We recycle all our "envelope" waste and trim

We re-use our packaging boxes









Postage Included Envelopes

Talk to our Customer Service team or contact your Candida Sales Representative for more information.

Candida has introduced 9 Postage Included Envelopes to our range.
This means that you can now order PIE envelopes along with your standard requirements.


Self Seal, White Window CMAIL1111


Self Seal, White Window CMAIL4111


Self Seal, White Standard CMAIL6112


Self Seal, White Window CMAIL6111


Tropical Seal Window CMAIL7121


Self Seal, White Standard CMAIL8112


Self Seal, White Window CMAIL8111


Self Seal, White Standard CMAIL9312


Self Seal, White Window CMAIL9311




Whether you’re looking for a cost effective solution or wanting to print an envelope that’s truly unique, Candida can help.

Choose from our range of plain stock envelopes or get creative and design your own.

Our envelopes can be printed before, during or after manufacture - each method has it’s own benefits.

With new print technology we can print photo quality, full bleed images on gloss or matt stock. What's more - it's quick and it's cost effective.

Ask what our new flexo printer can do for you.



Plain Stock Envelopes

If you’re looking for a cost-effective envelope solution - then Candida stock envelopes is your answer.

We have a large range of plain envelopes. From small 9s to jumbo E35's and everything in between. Our stock envelopes come in a variety of matt arts, white bonds, kraft and recycled papers.


For more information on our range of plain envelopes, give us a call or send us an email.







Printed Envelopes

New technology opens up a world of possibilities.

With our new flexo printing press we can now print photo quality, edge to edge images on glossy stock.

There’s no minimum order and delivery is usually within 10 days.

Sound expensive? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Talk to us about order quantities and turnaround times.

  • CMYK plus up to 4 spot colours
  • Accurate colour matching
  • Sharp, photo quality images
  • Full bleed
  • Spot UV
  • Matt finish
  • Gloss stock






Custom Envelopes

If we don't have what you want, we'll help you create it.

You can vary the size of your envelope, get creative with the window position, use fancy paper or even supply your own printed sheets.

Ideal for direct mail campaigns. Just let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll figure out the best way to make it happen.




Guidelines & Tips


Cut your mailing costs by choosing the right envelope.
You can save hundreds of dollars simply by using an envelope suited to mailhouse equipment. Makes sense doesn’t it.


Our envelopes are made to whizz through mailhouse machines, meaning less time and less hassle for everyone.


Before you order envelopes for mailhouse use, check first if the mailhouse is using hand or mechanical insertion. For mechanical insertion, envelopes must be tropical seal (we even have a choice of outside or inside side-seams).


Standard window positions on our stock range cater for most business needs. However, windows can be positioned in a variety of places, vary in size, shape and number, and be on one side of an envelope or both. Talk to us about your special requirements.



Envelopes are best stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place. This is especially important for self seal envelopes as the glue is sensitive to light and open air conditions. Store in a sealed box to protect from dust and light (in the outer carton where possible).



Your postal provider has useful information about sending bulk mail on their website. We have provided links to these pages here:

cog_red.pngNZ Postcog_aqua.pngAustralian Post





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Virtual Factory Tour

Take a virtual tour of our main manufacturing facility in Auckland (Tamaki Makaurau) New Zealand (Aotearoa)